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This Russian Highway Is The Most Hated Road Of The World. Here’s Why

Driving in mountainous regions can be quite a risk especially when there are rivers along the path. However, when it comes to driving in a particular Siberian area located in northeast Russia, every other dangerous road would seem like a walk in the park. Why are we exaggerating? Well, read on.

This particular region we mentioned above is one of the coldest regions where the temperature can reach -45 degrees Fahrenheit in winter. However, don’t let this temperature reading fool you into thinking that frozen conditions are what make this road so dangerous. You’d be lucky if you found a frozen road. The Russian Federal Highway A360 that connects Moscow (west) to the town of Yakutsk (east) has a lot more to offer than meets the eye. When you approach Yakutia Republic capital city, the highway transforms into a dirt road that runs parallel to the Lena River. Rainy weather will make the road a very dangerous and muddy road to drive on. Check out the pictures below!

Clear conditions make the road fine to drive on.

God forbid if it rains – Get ready for a mess.

You’ll be dealing with a mud dilemma.

The frozen ground melts in summer and well, you are the victim again.

Literal traffic ‘jam’ with wheels actually jammed into the ground.

Having a sports car won’t help.

And it will claim SUVs too.

Swallowing a car is no problem as well.

The speed limit is 70 km/h but we challenge you to make it with 35 km/h even!