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Flag Of Bouvet Island – An Uninhabited Volcanic Island

Bouvet Island formerly written Bouvet is a not inhabited sub Antarctic volcanic island and reliance of Norwegian in the Southeast Atlantic Sea. It can be found at the southern end of the Mid-Atlantic Variety and is the most distant island in the world, roughly 2,600 kilometers south-southwest of the shore of South Africa and almost 1,700 kilometers northern of the Princess Astrid Coast of the Queen Maud Land in Antarctica. This island has an area of 49 m², of which 93 % is protected by a glacier. Some small island, for example Larsøya also lie along the shore.

Since the whole Bouvet Island is a characteristics source, it’s likely that you will be declined access authorization, if the objective of coming into is just travel and leisure – although usually you won’t discover any Norwegian migrants’ authorities in the Bouvet Island to reject your entry! But, if you definitely have to get there anyway, your best bet is to try to discover out when the next analysis adventure is planned to get there and ask if you can be a part of them. If you have a useful profession or expertise, such as Arctic analysis scientist, analysis geologist, chopper lead, or doctor, you will probably be welcome. There’s been at least one situation of this occurring in previous times, when a lot of radio amateurs were permitted to get into the Island for a DXpedition.

As Bouvet Island has not personal flag, so the use of flag for this island is Norway, because this island is under the territory of Norway Government. It has not any population and most of the part of this island is inaccessible by the people, so there is no regular population and signs of residence.

The flag of Norway consist of three colors, red, white and blue. These three colors are the symbol of liberty. The designed was made after inspiration of the design of United Kingdom and the United States.

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