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Flag of Botswana, the Symbol of Water Source and Farming

The national flag of Botswana made up with a mild blue area cut side to side in the center by a dark blue stripe with a slim white structure.

Bechuanaland converted to a territory of the UK in 1885. This happened after the control of the Tswana discussed with the British to offer them security from the Boers, who were attacking their areas nearby Republic of South Africa. Despite this newly found security, South Africa sustained pressurize the British allowing them to add Bechuanaland into union. Nevertheless, it could not happen and Bechuanaland obtained freedom from England in 1966; the new country was relabeled Botswana.

Before it obtained freedom, Botswana did not have its own unique colonial flag, with the flag of the UK providing as the de facto flag of the territory. When Botswana’s flag was designed in 1966, it was symbolically designed in comparison with the national flag of Southern Africa, since the latter country was decided under an apartheid government. Hence, the dark blue stripe with the white structure came to epitomize the serenity and balance between the European and African descent who live in Botswana. The new national flag was first hoisted at nighttime on Sept 30, 1966, the day Botswana became a separate country.

The colors of the national flag carry social, governmental, and local definitions. The mild blue symbolizes water—specifically, in its form of rainfall, as it is a valuable source in Botswana, which depends on farming and it is affected with regular droughts due to the dry and dry environment of the Kalahari Wasteland. The blue refers to the slogan presented Botswana Pula’s coats of arms, means, “Let there be rain” and life.

The dark strip has two definitions. First, they indicate the balance and collaboration between the individuals of different nations who live in Botswana, as well as the national variety of the country. Furthermore, they signify the lines of the zebra that is the national animal of Botswana.

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