Fix Your Tyre Punctures On The Road With Sahmurai Sword Kit

Sahmurai Sword – Tackle Punctures in Tubeless Tires

Tubeless tires are what high-end mountain bikes are usually fitted with and one of the reasons is the fact that these tires are capable of self-sealing any small punctures. However, a little help is required when it comes to a fixing bigger holes. Owing to this fact, Stefan Sahm, award winning South African competitive cyclist, has created the Sahmurai Sword.Sahmurai Sword – Tackle Punctures in Tubeless Tires 3

The gadget is a two-part system that makes use of ‘worms’ similar to the ones used when sealing punctures in tubeless car tires. Usually, some cyclists do carry an automotive kit that sports this approach, however, the sharp bits pose a threat in case of a wipe-out. Sahmuari Sword makes use of a set of handlebar plugs. If a tire needs fixing, the plugs are simply pulled out revealing the tools that have been housed inside the bar.Sahmurai Sword – Tackle Punctures in Tubeless Tires 2

Rider has to make use of awl-like reamer to enlarge the puncture so that a worm can be inserted followed by inserting the worm into hole by making use of fork tool. The dangling end, can either be cut off or left as it is.

The Sahmurai Sword is being sold at a price of $29 while international distribution is being worked upon. So will you get one?

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