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First Penis Transplant Performed On A 64 Year Old Man In US

A 64-year-old American guy was the first to receive a penis transplant in the USA when the rare surgery was done at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston earlier this month according to the group of doctors who successfully carried out the operation. The receiver was Thomas Manning, 64 of Halifax, Massachusetts and continues to show positive signs post-operation. This is only the third penis transplant in the history of the medical profession and the first one done in North America. 

The patient had contracted a rare penile cancer a few years ago that resulted in a heavy penis amputation and loss of function for poor Manning. All he had remaining was a stump of skin almost an inch long. The donor part came from an anonymous dead guy whose family wanted it to remain a quiet manner and thus his name wasn’t revealed by the doctors. Manning in a recent press release said that he was very grateful for the donor family, and he was optimistic about regaining his erectile function post-operation.



The operation will have many positive outcomes and the doctors had been practicing it for three years on cadavers before actually doing it. It could potentially prove to be a great thing for soldiers and firefighters who have attained genital damage during operating in tough situations and have to live in embarrassment for the rest of their lives.

The previous cases of penis transplant include the World’s first case ever in 2006 when a group of Chinese doctors performed on a penis amputee. But, due to a severe psychological problem of the patient and his wife, the transplanted penis was removed afterward on patient’s request. The world’s first successful penis transplant was done last year in South Africa where the donated organ was grafted inside a young 21-year-old man who lost his organ in a botched circumcision. We could very well see the case of first child conceptualized after a penis transplant in the near future as well.