First Major Offshore Windfarm In The US Approved

Windfarms are a way to get a good supply of clean renewable energy. They consist of a group of wind turbines with rotors that spin when the wind blows on them, which in turn spins a generator that is able to create electricity. The Biden Administration has just given the final approval for an offshore wind farm that will be made off the coast of Massachusetts.

The wind farm called Vineyard Wind is one of the first steps from the administration, towards the goal of reducing emissions and climate control. An offshore one is better than a land one considering the strong winds that blow near the sea. The Vineyard Wind will consist of around 84 wind turbines about 15 miles from Martha’s Vineyard. The wind farm is expected to produce around 800 megawatts of clean energy.

Carbon emissions have been gradually increasing year after year and this poses a grave danger to the climate of our planet. China alone has become number one in emissions this year. Luckily many countries are making plans of shifting from fossil fuels to clean energy that won’t pollute the air and land where they are produced.

The Biden Administration has announced its goal of producing around 30 gigawatts of clean energy via offshore wind farms by 2030. Though the Vineyard Wind won’t be making 3% of the planned amount people believe that the approval of this project will pave way for other projects to be fast-tracked over the coming years.

According to the Secretary of the Interior, Deb Halland, “A clean energy future is within our grasp in the United States. the approval of this project is an important step toward advancing the administration’s goals to create good-paying union jobs while combatting climate change and powering our nation”. The wind farm project will also serve as a means of creating more jobs. While it is unclear how many projects the US can handle during the pandemic but experts believe that around 2,000 offshore wind turbines could be made by the end of the decade.

Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo also spoke about the project in a press release, saying that “Today’s offshore wind project announcement demonstrates that we can fight the climate crisis while creating high-paying jobs and strengthening our competitiveness at home and abroad”.

It’s good to see that we have other options instead of relying on fossil fuels and slowly killing our planet.

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