This Fire-Resistant Wallpaper Sets Off The Alarm When It Detects Fire

fire alarm

A team of Chinese researchers has developed a wallpaper which can detect heat and flames and turns the whole room into fire alarm. The researchers at the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, created a type of heat and fire-resistant wallpaper using hydroxyapatite. It is a material which is found in both teeth and bones. The researchers found that when the material is spun into long nanowires, it becomes so flexible that it can be used as a base for wallpaper.

The resultant product is highly heat and fire-resistant and can prevent the spread of flames in case of fire. The team has added thermosensitive sensors to the wallpaper made from drops of graphene oxide ink mixture. The graphene oxide ink mixture acts as an electrical insulator at room temperature. However, as soon as the temperature rises, it becomes a conductor. This way, it can complete the circuit and sound an alarm to alert the presence of a fire. Watch this video to see how the mechanism works:

When a fire broke out in the Trump Tower last weekend, a man died since there was no water sprinkler in the tower. The sources said that there was no alarm sounded in the building when the firefighters arrived. This indicates that the alarm system in the building was not working. This wallpaper can be the perfect solution to such a common problem!

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