Fire Reported At A Crumbling Michigan Nuclear Power Plant

The Donald C. Cook nuclear power plant in Michigan reported a fire the other day. Unfortunately, Michigan nuclear plants have been under the limelight for all the wrong reasons for quite some time. The fire incident at Donald C. Cook nuclear power plant was reported by the local newspaper conglomerate MLive.

The said fire was reported on Thursday morning. However, fortunately enough, there was no actual fire. The vault, which allegedly had fire, also had a dysfunctional fire alarm system. Now, bearing that in mind, we should all let out a sigh of relief because in case if the fire had actually been there with no alert system, it would have been a catastrophe.

Last year, local radio reported that this nuclear facility had given up on all its conventional siren systems in favor of mobile alerts. But this incident clearly depicts that the nuclear infrastructure in the US is in shambles. Unfortunately, this is not the first time the security concerns at the nuclear facility have been ignored. People have had fateful ends to their lives at this facility, owing to which the facility was closed for a brief period in early 1997.

Nuclear energy has been touted as a green and cheap form of energy for quite some time now. It has been the contrary in a practical sense, however. The Fukushima incident of 2011 also reminds us that despite having all the safety precautions in place, events can tumble out of hand. When that happened, it raised a string of concerns, are we even ready for a nuclear catastrophe, and what are the measures, preventive measures, in place?

Keeping all of the above-stated facts in mind, one should believe or at least hope that the nuclear plants around the US and specifically in Michigan will be on their A-game. But, alas, that is not the case. So, let’s hope and pray that things remain alright and no nuclear tragedies unfold.

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