Ferrari Is Working On An Electric Supercar That Stacks Batteries In A Mid-Engined Setup – And They Have A Patent For It

Ferrari announced last year that its first electric supercar will be out in 2025. Since then, there hasn’t been a word about it until just now.  

The patent by the company was filed in June 2019 but published just a couple of weeks ago, on Jan. 26, 2022, first reported by The Drive. Titled simply “ELECTRIC OR HYBRID SPORTS CAR,” it gives us a detailed layout of the automaker’s new electric stallion. Images show a low-slung two-seater in the classic mid-engine Ferrari layout, but there isn’t an engine in the middle anymore.

Ferrari’s patent imagery exhibits a large mid-mounted battery pack. It also has several smaller batteries located on the floor. All of these, including the large midship battery, is mounted to a sort of subframe which bolts up the main tub of the vehicle in question.

The official document states that “Even though the [illustrations] do not show any heat engine, it can be housed in the front part of the car or behind the rear battery pack… thus defining a configuration in which the rear battery pack is interposed between the heat engine and the seats of the car.”

The rear portion of this subframe where the large battery is placed is angled slightly upwards, and Ferrari says this is to produce “negative lift” or downforce at the back of the car. This area will also be used to cool the cars down. The patent states “advantageously, the fact that the battery packs are stacked together parallel to the platform allows for an ideal exchange of heat with the platform.”

“The fact that the batteries housed in the floor are cylindrical does not imply that the rear battery pack… also consists of cylindrical batteries,” it states. “All types of cells, namely cylindrical, prismatic or pouch cells, can be adopted.”

ferrari patent electric EV supercar lead

The documentation also shows a few loose aesthetic interpretations of what this vehicle might look like. If we take a closer look at the top view, the car has exhaust tips reminiscent of current V8 Ferraris, for instance. It’s very likely the aesthetics the automaker lays out in this patent are taken from an existing model.

The automaker currently makes the hybrid SF90 Stradale. The industry and the market is now waiting for the new model.

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