Feel Lazy In The Morning? This Caffeine Toothpaste Will Give You A Fresh Start

The Power Toothpaste Comes Loaded With Caffeine 3

No, don’t talk to me before I have had my morning coffee – most of us belong to this category and if you suffer from chronic insomnia then you know precisely what we are talking about. However, not everyone can incorporate a coffee/tea in the morning routine without sacrificing on time that is again too crucial to let go to waste. Those who do incorporate it, might want to check the amount you are spending on those coffees. Power Toothpaste is a product that will provide you with the much needed caffeine boost in the morning while you brush your teeth.

The Power Toothpaste will make your life so easy on the days when you need that strong coffee first thing in the morning. The Power Toothpaste Comes Loaded With Caffeine

The formula has been designed to impart a healthy dose of caffeine via the gums. Since the thin tissue in the mouth are perfect for absorption, this medium of caffeine transportation is quite ideal. The Power Toothpaste Comes Loaded With Caffeine 2

The design has incorporated safety and health into the mix. So yes, the dose of caffeine has been regulated to avoid any exposing the user to any risks.

If you’re one of those who make a stop at Starbucks every morning before rushing to work, this invention can save you quite a lot of money. The Power Toothpaste Comes Loaded With Caffeine 3

A single tube of Power Toothpaste costs $15 and is equivalent to 90 cups of coffee. Yeah, better grab that calculator and work out the savings.

Check out the video below.

We know we want this, so bad. As of now, it is raising funds on Indiegogo.

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