Father Spends Time With Son To Build An Iron Man Suit

Iron Man

Professional life demands commitment and a lot of time. Some professions require so much that ultimately you ignore your loved ones and usually by the time one realizes, the damage is irreparable.
Iron Man 3Not in this particular case though; meet Dr. Chu Huan who realized that he was not able to spend more time with his son owing to the fact that he works in the field of medicine and therefore, the father-son relationship may be suffering. How he made amends to this is why we are writing this post.

Iron-Man-just_the_wayDr. Chu Huan lives in China and decided to take up a project, which would bring his child’s superhero to life, so as to speak. The doctor spent few months with his child while working on the project, which upon completion, allowed them to possess an Iron man suit. The iron man suit cost them a total of $49 in terms of the supplies that they bought. The suit has been made from hand cut plastic sheets and Dr. Chu Huan’s son is perhaps the luckiest child on the face of this earth. The suit has a gold finish because that is how his son wanted it to be. They both are currently enjoying the suit where the father transforms into Iron Man and they both spend time bonding with each another.

Iron Man 2Dr. Chu spent about a month during which he researched on how to build the suit. He spent this time on forums and websites and collected as much info as he could on how to build the suit. The team worked on the suit every evening once Dr. Chu came back from work. EVA plastic sheets were employed and then hand cut followed by spray painting. After the paint was complete, Dr. Chu joined the pieces together to come up with a moveable Iron Man suit.

We really hope that Dr. Chu published the design and instructions as well so that others may create such suits too!


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