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Fancy Going On A Camping Trip On A Bicycle? The Wide Path Camper Is Your Solution

Everyone of us wants to go on a camping trip with a family caravan. However, for those of us who don’t have SUVs or a budget to hire one, here’s a affordable solution. Say hello to Wide Path Camper, a caravan that can be towed behind a pedal bike. It has been designed for two people (adults) and a child. You would have to be physically fit to achieve this feat, or you could make more stops along the way. Currently, the caravan is in its prototype phase, however, we are expecting that the idea will soon materialize into a commercial product.

The caravan appears to be quite spacious and weighs 40kg. It has about 300 liters of storage space apart from the seating area and a foldable table. The seating area also offers beds and windows with curtains for privacy and a sense of security, which is important for wherever you are camping.

Wide Path Camper also has a small kitchen area located on the outside while giving users the option to put up a canopy if they want to sit outside in the shade. Solar panels can be placed onto the roof so that users can power up their gadgets. The Camper van folds into a compact shape when it is being towed behind the bike. Johansen has published a few pictures that he claims are of the early prototype stage of the Wide Path Camper and therefore, a number of design changes may follow. The final product will be ready for purchase during the second quarter of 2015 and shall be sold at a price of $2,500.

Would you love taking along a caravan on your next adventure tour?