Facebook Will Kill This Messenger Feature Very Soon

Facebook messenger

Facebook has decided to remove its ‘You’ve now connected on Messenger’ notification for good. The notification was indeed really annoying as a popup showed on Messenger every time you made a friend on Facebook. The notification also shows when an old friend joins messenger for the first time. These notifications push down the real message threads. Facebook users gave the feedback that if they are accepting or being accepted as a friend on Facebook, they already know they are friends now. Facebook is not required to send the annoying notification each time.

A spokesperson from Facebook said, We’ve discovered that many individuals have appreciated getting a notification when a pal joins Messenger. That mentioned, we’re working to make these notifications much more helpful by using machine studying to ship fewer of them over time to individuals who get pleasure from getting them much less. We recognize all and any suggestions that individuals ship our method, so please preserve it coming as a result of it helps us make the product higher.”

For those who hate these notifications should make sure that they don’t open them so that they can send a signal to Facebook that these alerts are not required at all. Facebook also mentioned some days ago that it will end the ‘Trending Topic’ feature very soon that displays the hot topics which are being discussed on the website. Facebook killing the trending section is also for good. It is also testing some new features which include a breaking news label that allows users to add to their stories and distinguish it from the other posts. Facebook also plans to make local news more prominent.

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