Facebook Users Can Now Claim Money From The $725 Million Settlement Case – Here Is How

If you’re in the United States and are looking for a source to get free money, well, now look no further as Facebook is sending eligible users money in a class action lawsuit settlement. All you needed to do to be eligible for this is basically you have to have used Facebook anytime in the last 15 years.

The FAQ for the settlement specifies that the company now known as Meta notes that “all Facebook users in the United States between May 24, 2007, and December 22, 2022” are eligible to take part in the class action settlement because, even though the company denies any wrongdoing, a judge has ordered it to pay out settlements to all its users over alleged privacy and user data sharing complaints.

This initially started in 2018 with Cambridge Analytical Scandal but since then has extended greatly, following all of the contexts behind this sweeping settlement as filled in by Mashable and other news outlets.

In short, Facebook doesn’t want to but it has to pay you, or anyone who has used the site over this period of time and filed a claim because it has faced multiple lawsuits about its alleged sharing of private user data with third parties.

A $725 million class action settlement was approved by a judge at the end of March and will be disbursed based firstly on how many people submit claims and secondly on how many months each individual claimant used the site between May 2007 and December 2022.

Again, this is all contingent upon how many people file claims and will only be drawn up after the lawyers take a 25 percent fee, which will no doubt be a handsome amount for them.

Being part of this historic settlement is very thrilling even if you end up with a small minuscule check, but you only have till August 25 to submit a claim as the hearing is scheduled for early September.

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