Facebook To Provide Free Internet To Parts Of World Using Drones

Solar Drones

This might come as a bit of a shock to you but there are still areas in the world where internet is not available. Like Metallica puts it; sad but true.
Facebook InternetWe have already seen Google tinkering with balloons that would be providing internet in parts of New Zealand. However, Facebook has decided to join in with this effort as well and simply put, the idea is great and so are the goals associated with it. Facebook wants to enhance its public profile and needs more public support to increase business.  It has decided to do this by providing internet to those who are in need and ultimately, gaining more public that will be interacting via Facebook.

Facebook Internet 5According to reports, Facebook is currently working to acquire Titan Aerospace. This is a company which makes drones (or shall be making them) for the same purpose. The drones being created by Titan Aerospace are basically quite inexpensive when compared with other drones and rely on solar power to fly and carry out tasks. These drones are capable of flying up to near orbital heights. However, the best part about these drones is the fact that they are capable of staying aloft for a total of 5 years and that too continuously so once they are up there you need not worry about bringing them down or anything like that. Facebook is planning to get its hands on 11,000 units of this particular drone. The drones will make use of radio repeaters which will be transferring signals to a receiver located at base station.

Facebook Internet 3Each drone will come with its own battery pack and shall be launched in the morning. Once airborne, it will begin collecting solar power and increase the altitude as well. This energy shall also be used to power up the communications. This particular type of internet will not have an amazing speed but hey, something is better than nothing!

Facebook Internet 2All in all, we can’t deny that this is a great initiative by Facebook which might turn things around for those who are currently without internet. Good job Facebook!

Check out the video below for more details on this:

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    internet by drones everywhere in this world worderful facebook try all your best to reach to the point.

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