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Facebook User In Chicago Murdered While Live Streaming On Facebook

Facebook has created quite a stir among its users by introducing the Facebook Live feature. The feature was aimed to curtail the growing popularity of Snapchat while providing an easier mode of communication and interaction.

In spite of its many benefits, the dark side of the Facebook Live was recently brought to light when the Police confirmed the murder of a Chicago man. On June 15th, Antonio Perkins had been enjoying a normal day as he used Facebook Live to interact with his social media friends when he was shot to death.


Image Source: Fox News


The horrific incident was live streamed and resulted in quite a terrible experience for many. This incident has brought the issue of the lack of filters for live streaming to attention. The most important aspect of live streaming is that you cannot cut away if a gruesome scene appears live on screen.

Facebook has decided not to take down the video. The social media giant believes that the live video documenting the sad demise of Perkins will serve as a harsh reminder of the effects of violence and will help to raise the awareness about violent acts. However, they have clipped the scenes that sensationalize violence and added a graphic video warning at the start.

With more than 1.6 billion active monthly users, the probability of something horrible going live is quite strong. However, various social media platforms can work in collaboration with each other to find a viable solution for this issue.

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