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Exploding Note 7 Burns Down A Family Jeep In Florida

A family Florida lost more than a brand new flagship Samsung device owing to a faulty battery. The Note 7 left on charger inside a Jeep Cherokee allegedly burst into flames and totalled the Jeep.


Image Source: Fox News


Nathan Dornacher took his daughter, wife, and dog to cruise garage sales on the Labor Day in St. Petersburg, Florida. The family bought a desk and parked outside the house to unload it. As they got the desk inside the house, Nathan left his brand new Note 7 to charge on the centre console in the Jeep.


Image Source: Fox News


The family returned to the vehicle to run some errands and were shocked to find the interior of the Jeep ablaze while thick smoke poured out of the panel gaps.



Although the St. Petersburg Fire Department promptly responded to the call placed by Nathan, but the Jeep was long gone! Nathan was devastated by the loss of  his beloved ride, heavily modified with after sale fittings.


Image Source: Fox News


Samsung is already in talks with the Dornachesers and has assured them of its full support:

“We are aware of the incident and we are working with Mr. Dornacher to investigate his case and ensure we do everything we can for him. Consumer safety is Samsung’s highest priority. With regard to the Galaxy Note7, we are asking owners to take advantage of the Product Exchange Program announced on Friday of last week. The program offers Note7 owners the opportunity to exchange the phone for a new one. More details on the program can be found at”


Image Source: Fox News


Thus far, Note 7 has become the most notorious smartphone ever due to the continuous reports of exploding handsets, spurring FAA to ban the travellers carrying Note 7 from the US flights!

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