Facebook Has Hidden New Easter Eggs For This Holiday Season

Facebook holds the accounts of 2 billion people on the planet and provides an excellent platform to connect with family and friends. Facebook also keeps rolling out new updates that make the experience for users more fun and more interactive. Some of these updates are not so widely known and we will take a look at a few of these Facebook easter eggs.

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Some of these updates are still being rolled out and may not be available to every profile out there but it will make its way to you soon.

Life Event Reactions:

All of us would like to celebrate special events with our friends and family by being there ourselves but sometimes circumstances dictate otherwise so you can do so virtually. Reacting to a life event update on Facebook will fill up the screen with animated dancing reactions.

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Congratulating someone on a job well done has become more special as you type it on Facebook, the text turns red and festive confetti is spread all across the screen along with a smiling balloon.



Another one of the Facebook Easter eggs is that if you type xoxo in a comment or a status, it results in floating hearts on the screen that burst into even more tinier hearts.


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You want to share something with your best friend but the two of you are miles apart? No need to worry as you can share a virtual high-five with them by typing BFF in a comment or a status.

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What happens when you type the word rad in a status or a comment? The result is thumbs up emoticons fitted with rockets zooming up your screen.



You find something extremely funny and you want your friends to see it too. Type lmao in a status update or a comment and confetti shapes will be hurled across the screen that transform themselves into a laughing face.

(Source: KimKomando)


Let us know what you think about these Facebook Easter eggs and if you know any more feel free to let us know in the comments section.

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