Facebook Blocks Huawei From Preinstalling Its App On Huawei Phones

It seems that we just can’t stay away from the US-China trade war and its implications, right? Following Trump’s effective ban on US trade with the Chinese telecom giant, the company has recently taken yet another blow in the form of Facebook retracting its support for the pre-installed app.

Huawei Responds To The US Ban By Taking Up Legal Arms!

Facebook has become part of the Western tech companies that have stated that they will no longer allow Huawei to pre-install their apps on smartphones. So, what exactly does this mean? It means that while Huawei users will be able to download the Facebook app similar to the WhatsApp or Instagram, the apps will no longer come pre-installed. So far, Huawei has been offering Twitter and Facebook pre-installed right out of the box.

As per Reuters, Facebook is ceasing pre-installation on ‘any phone which has not yet left the factory.’ Facebook is not the only company that is altering its deals with Huawei. Google is also tackling the ban imposed on Huawei in its own way.

The tech company has managed to obtain a temporary license that allows it to send security updates to Huawei smartphones. However, this is only available to the smartphones that have been bought by users. The phones that are in stores or have not been shipped or manufactured yet will still come with Google’s services pre-installed.

Effective Immediately, Huawei Has Been Banned From Google’s Android

Facebook’s move is a blow to Huawei but not as strong a blow as the ones dealt by Google or ARM. Nonetheless, the Chinese telecom giant seems determined to make it despite all of these hurdles. The company recently signed a deal with Russia to develop 5G technology in collaboration with MTS. There are also reports of Huawei working on its own OS to counter the threat by Google retracting the support of Android OS. What do you think of all this? Do let us know!

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