Eyes-On Glasses Let Doctors See Through Your Skin

Eyes-On Glasses; Medical Breakthrough 3

What’s the difference between a digital camera and inserting a needle into a vein? The former is simply ‘point and shoot’ whereas the latter is much more complicated than that. It isn’t just ‘point and shoot’ and may require a number of attempts before success is achieved however, this trial and error method is actually painful for the patient. Well science can’t just stand aloof of this pain and therefore we have a solution to this problem.

Eyes-On Glasses; Medical BreakthroughImagine if you could actually see a patient’s veins when you were about to insert the needle. That would greatly help and chances of error would be zero. This is an interesting idea indeed, no? We are today talking about a special pair of glasses which will make the process mentioned above seem like a piece of cake. Say hello to Evena Medical’s Eyes-On Glasses which are capable of implementing the mentioned idea and turning it into a reality. These glasses actually enable the user to see a patient’s veins in real-time through their skin without any side effects for the patient or the user of the glasses.

The best part is that unlike other glasses out there which include 3D glasses and smart glasses, these medical glasses can be worn while you have your regular glasses on. The principle working idea is to make use of ‘multi-spectral 3D imaging’ to pop up veins when being viewed using the medical glasses. The glasses come with dual cameras, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, two speakers which are built in and a separate microprocessor which is worn on a belt.

Eyes-On Glasses; Medical BreakthroughThe user of the medical glasses sees the skin of the patient as it really is but the camera’s image is processed and overlaid on top to portray the veins and it seems as if the veins are also visible. The images can be stored on the glasses for future reference and the glasses make it possible to relay the information to remotely located medical staff.

These glasses are expected to be made available by the first quarter of the next year and we are hoping that they would prove to be great success in hospitals.


  1. Dr J.B. Rajput Reply

    Will it will find arteries and veins too? Heart valves And coronary artery?

  2. R Parsons Reply

    This is great idea. Sick people have to go through IVs a lot and its not fun.

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