This Strange Eye Looks Like A Mysterious Alien Base On Earth


Fascinated by Aliens and UFOs since decades, we humans love to search for extraterrestrial signs of life or in simple terms, ‘alien hunting.’ Now the question arises: Are the aliens spying on us too? Do they have a mysterious looking island in Parana Delta, Argentina where they land UFOs? A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to explore this very island.

Credits: Elojo Project
Image Credits: Elojo Project

Located at the coordinates: 34°15’07.8’S 58°49’47.4’W, “The Eye” is an island in an ideal circle moving about its axis in the center of a swampy marsh. Believed to be an alien base by some, a film crew has resolved to raise funds to study the mystery of this island once and for all. The circle of land is surrounded by small water channel that is presumed to be a camouflage of whatever is underneath the surface.

Richard Petroni, a civil engineer, Sergio Neuspillerm, a film director and producer, and Pablo Martinez, a tech expert, have teamed up for this expedition. The island was first discovered six months ago by Neuspillerm and his crew while they were looking for the perfect shooting spot for a documentary. Petroni says:

‘Besides, it features a neat circular structure bordered by another perfectly circular streak of water. It’s something real and accounts for several supernatural stories bearing connections to UFOs and other paranormal aspects.’

Credits: Elojo Project
Image Credits: Elojo Project

The water channel surrounding the island is unexpectedly cold and clear that is highly peculiar for that particular area. Additionally, the topography of the island is solid while the surrounding area is a swampy marshland. Neuspillerm said:

‘The Eye is a circle of land surrounded by a thin channel of water with a diameter of 130 yards. Both circles [the water and land] are so perfect that it is hard to believe that this is a natural formation’.

Image Credits:

The team launched a $50,000 Kickstarter campaign to reach their required target. The funds will be used in the next scientific expedition that will be filmed, and they will conduct tests as well.

‘We want to return with a complete scientific expedition having scuba gear, geologists, biologists, ufologists, specialized drones and more, and take samples of the water, soil, plants an all other objects we may find,’ said Neuspillerm.

If you donate $5,000 to the campaign, you can reserve your spot for the second expedition. For a $10,000 donation, you will be able to join the first-ever historical expedition of this mysterious island.

Would you like to go on this expedition? You never know, there might be aliens down there!


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