Exploring The World Islands In Dubai

World Islands In Dubai

Welcome to Dubai – The World IslandsAlmost everyone has heard of the World Islands located in Dubai. Today we’ll talk about it and see where it stands today and what is becoming of The World Islands. First off, it’s an artificial archipelago and is made up of a total of 300 islands (small) in the shape of world map. A total of 321 million cubic meters of sand and around 31 million tons of rock have been used in the construction of the World Islands where most of the sand was taken out from Dubai’s shallow coastal waters. These islands cover a total of 6-9 kilometers. These islands are furthermore surrounded by an oval-shaped breakwater island. Islands are actually named after the countries and there area varies from 14,000 – 42,000 sq. meters. The distance between these islands is about 100 meters.

Welcome to Dubai – The World Islands 7 Welcome to Dubai – The World Islands 6This project kicked off about ten years ago and had its fair amount of hurdles along the way. Global recession made sure that the project got stalled whenever made possible. Nakheel Properties Group, the developers, faced another problem two years ago when the company which was providing ferrying services to and from the shore, Penguine Marine, made a claim that the whole islands were sinking into the sea. The developers moved on to deny any such allegations.

Welcome to Dubai – The World Islands 2 Welcome to Dubai – The World Islands 3 Welcome to Dubai – The World Islands 5Despite the 70 % of the islands been sold, there is very little development on the islands. A report was published in January 2012 which held the lack of infrastructural requirements for the most part of islands still being untouched. You’d be surprised to know that out of the 300 islands which are available only two islands have any buildings on them. Out of  these two, only one; Lebanon Island has been developed commercially and is owned by Ravi Raman who is a Abu Dhabi based Businessman.

Welcome to Dubai – The World Islands 4Other plans are also in motion, but obviously it will take time for them to be completed. In the future we will be seeing resorts, pubs, villas and many other such infrastructures up and running at the World Islands.


  1. Waran Reply

    1000’s of Maldives islands are sinking… What is stopping these islands from sinking too?

  2. Evelyn Reyno Reply

    I think this investment will just go to waste. Arctic ice is melting and is causing rise in sea level. And what will happen to these islands? Scary, really…

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