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Experts Say Household Chores Robots Are Less Than 10 Years Away

Robots that can perform household tasks are on the horizon, and the CEO of Sanctuary AI, Geordie Rose, estimates that it won’t be more than ten years before they become a reality. In a recent BBC documentary, Rose highlighted the quickening pace of technical development in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, stating that 10 years would be an eternity to wait for these robots. Indeed, as breakthroughs continue to transform the landscape of AI and robotics, the future appears bright.

Sanctuary AI’s household robot, known as Phoenix, stands at an impressive five feet seven inches and weighs 155 pounds. Its primary mission is to tackle the mundane and burdensome tasks that occupy our daily lives. Notably, Phoenix has already demonstrated its versatility by successfully performing 110 retail-related tasks in a Vancouver store, including picking, packaging, labeling, tagging, folding, and cleaning. Its ability to manipulate plastic bags, a complex task for robots, showcases its advanced capabilities.

To further enhance its agility and efficiency, Sanctuary AI plans to use film to train Phoenix. Recorded actions will be digitized, enabling the robot to practice tasks in a virtual environment before executing them in the real world. Overcoming the challenge of giving the robot a sense of touch remains a work in progress, as replicating the intricate skills developed through billions of years of evolution is no small feat.

The introduction of robots like Phoenix inevitably raises questions about the impact on human jobs. As these machines become proficient in various professional and household tasks, concerns arise about potential job displacement. Rose acknowledges this concern but also foresees a significant market emerging around these robots. He believes they will become commonplace, creating opportunities in the labor market to address a wide range of tasks.

In conclusion, household task robots are soon to be a reality, as demonstrated by Sanctuary AI’s Phoenix. The future holds promise for machines that can help with both home and professional activities because to the rapid breakthroughs in AI and robotics. It seems apparent that these robots are ready to revolutionize our lives, maybe reinventing how we approach routine chores, even while the debate over job displacement rages on. Humanoid robots are here to stay, ushering in a new era of convenience and productivity, for better or worse, as Geordie Rose so eloquently puts it.

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