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Experience From These Pictures How This Guy Transformed His Jeep Into The Best Camping Vehicle Ever

Camping is a great way to take a break from the havoc of your everyday life and to unwind. However, one must be prepared otherwise a camping trip can soon turn into a cold, brutal day in hell. That is exactly why having the right equipment and preparation is crucial for a great camping trip. In order to carry out a camping trip that would be hassle free, this guy decided to transform his car into the best camping vehicle ever. He used the back of his truck in an ingenious way and came up with a sleeping platform that can also double up as a place to keep the camping supplies. Check out the DIY project below.

Here’s the original truck which he wanted transformed!

Here you can see the making of the sleeping platform that would serve as a mattress frame and a hidden storage for camping supplies.

Check out the fully assembled platform!

The platform loaded into the truck!

Removable top panel and drawers were installed to the platform.

That’s more than enough space for camping supplies, don’t you think?

He installed hooks to ensure that the platform remained locked in its place.

This futon was used as a bed!

All that is left is to place a mattress and he is good to go for the camping trip.