Ex-Military Intelligence Official Says Government Is Preparing For A Huge UFO Reveal

According to a report by a Pentagon whistleblower, the government could release evidence and reports on certain UFO sightings as soon as this June. This claim comes from Luis Elizondo, who used to run the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

It seems like the government has spotted something seriously alarming concerning world safety, an outward power that might be superior to all our powers combined. As much as the news rings alarms, it also comes with previous such claims, which were never fulfilled and kept us waiting and hanging for knowing more on astonishing alien power and the kind of threats they could pose to our beloved planet.

Recently, Pentagon’s Threat Identification Program announced releasing documentation on the reality of UFOs. The program is designated for studying and assessing future threats and unidentified flying objects like UFOs.

The report has been anxiously waited for and has gathered much of the media’s attention. It will reveal all that the government and military know of extra-terrestrial creatures in space and their built technology sightings near military installations.

In contrast, it also could be some spotting of a foolish object like a balloon or an optical illusion, leaving us all with a false hype of a UFO spotting. Why say so? Because Elizondo has promised updates on a couple of controversial spotting earlier too, which were never fulfilled. The previous year saw him committing that the Pentagon UAP task force will no longer hide in the shadows and develop new transparency.

However, this time around, it might be somewhat different. Reasons to believe this report will actually turn out to be revealed sometime soon comes from the former President, Donald Trump’s statement in which he said “intelligence agencies have to reveal what they know of UAPs and UFOs by the summer”.

“I think the government has acknowledged the reality of UAP,” Elizondo told the NY Post. “I think they all want answers, and I think they are all willing to ask the hard questions.”

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