Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Solar Roof (2)

The exponential rise in global warming has caused the world to consider renewable energy very seriously. Tesla, as one company has made significant contributions to this transition. Tesla Solar Roof has been an anticipated product for a really long time now, and the company has finally delivered its promise. Unlike the traditional bulky solar panels, the solar roof comes as very sleek roof shingles. The product promises to change the way we power our homes today.

Tesla has finally put the solar roof up for pre-order since May 10, and the prices have come as quite a surprise. Each square foot of the tiles will cost the consumers about $21.85 after a deposit of $1,000. The solar tiles come in four different designs and an infinite warranty, and Tesla claims the tempered glass tiles are three times stronger than the standard roofing tiles.


The roof tiles combined with the Tesla Power Wall battery will power your homes with energy at day and during the night.

The video below will tell you everything you need to know about Tesla Solar Roof:


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