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Everything You Need To Know About The Tesla Rival Faraday Future FF 91

Faraday Future FF 91 (1)

Faraday Future

Everything that Tesla makes is very hyped, may it be electric cars, batteries, or solar roofs but Tesla is definitely not the only one in the race for developing the best autonomous electric vehicles. Google and Uber may be giving the company a tough competition, but there is another name in the game that we do not hear very often. Another electric car startup Faraday Future appeared at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this January, but we have not heard much about it since and even the show did not go very smoothly.

Faraday Future

The company set out on a mission to set up a car company meant to redefine driving with a car fully immersed in technology. Faraday Future has released a teaser video of its full electric autonomous FF91, and the Beta versions of the car have been roaming the streets of Southern California.

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The FF 91 will be equipped with first-generation technology, featuring some of the most immersive techs like its UI/UX. It is currently not being tested on roads, but the company is developing the technology in-house.

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21 units of the FF 91 are currently on the roads for the Beta testing, but the autonomous driving tech is not yet fully developed. 5 of the Beta cars are testing the autonomous systems at the moment. The company says the interior will be featuring the most futuristic tech but the progress with the development slowed down when a seat designer sued the company, but the lawsuit has been dismissed. Faraday says that the high-tech interior design is close to “production-intent, ” but the layout is not prepared enough to be made public. For starters, the layout will be having lots of screens.

Faraday Future

The crash testing is far more important than the glamorous outlook of the car, and the company has already completed the physical crash-testing in January. The customer interest in the vehicle is no less either. Just in January, 60 people had already paid a cash deposit to reserve an FF 91.

Would you want to get one? According to Teslarati, the price can range between $150,000  $200,000 but Electrek reports it could go as high as $30,000.

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Source: Business Insider

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