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What If Everyone on Earth Jumped at the Same Time? This Would Be The Result

what if

If you have ever wondered about this hypothetical situation, we have an in-depth discussion of the scenario, just for you.

Say all the humans of the planet, close to 7 billion people, can be gathered peacefully at one place. Good luck with the peaceful part. Standing from side to side, where every person can take 1 square meter of space. If you are worried about the obesity problem we are facing, consider all the humans on the other side of the spectrum to balance the average. It would take approximately 7200 square Kilometers of land to accommodate all inhabitants of the earth.

Credits: The Artwork of JOHN TRABBIC III

The announcement is made to be prepared for the jump, and the countdown begins. And with all the uncoordinated rehearsals, we do manage to jump around 0.3 meters high, at the same time, say at Noon.

Credits: Shutterstock

The weight ratio of Us Vs the Earth would be 1: 10,000,000,000,000 i.e. 1 to 10 trillion. and let’s imagine that the earth core isn’t molten, and the earth would take the impact of the jump and actually displace, it wouldn’t be more than the width of a Hydrogen atom.

However, the fall of all the people will deliver a lot of energy to the earth, leaving footprints all over the 7200 square Kilometers. Some deeper than others. However, since the area of the impact is widespread, the earth will only experience a slight pulse of pressure and noise lasting only a few seconds.

Credits: Randall Monroe

Next thing we know, the standing side to side turns to awkward glances, and the cell phones start emerging from pockets and bags. And people finally start to disperse, disappointed for not getting any extraordinary reaction from mother earth, except say sweating, because let’s face it was noon time and it was crowded.

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