Every Year On 11th Nov, Sun Shines Through This Memorial & Reveals Something That Makes USA Proud


The path our Sun follows in the sky along the year is one of the most powerful demonstrations of nature’s wisdom and design. It gets longer and longer as summers approach and shrinks smaller and smaller as winter arrives. At each different GPS locations of the planet, there is a different path followed by the Sun due to our planetary rotation¬†around a tilted axis and each day of the year brings a different movement at a particular location as well. No two days of a year can have the same position of the Sun at a particular time of the day. Using this observance of the Sun orbit, ancient Egyptians used to build monuments and architectures that would do a particular act only at a pre-determined time and date. They were extremely successful with this clever usage of Solar trajectories that even today, people tend to copy their methods into making clever architectural pieces.

This Veterans Memorial in Anthem, Arizona is another architectural piece that presents us with an amazing view every 11th November at 11.11 AM or 11:11 11/11. It is a beautiful monument as a whole. Here it is:


Wait till you see what it can do on November 11th!


There are over five pillars that make up this monument.


You might have figured out that the massive cut-outs have something to do with the monument and something special we are about to show here.

WHOA! When the Sun angles in at 11.11 AM, this is what happens:


The monument was designed by Jim Martin, who designed and erected five pillars for the landmark symbolizing each part of the US Armed Forces; Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.


The monument has won several awards from the state as well as national forums for architectural brilliance. It is easy to see why! It is amazing!

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