Evergreen Must Pay Up To $1 Billion In Compensation To Leave The Suez Canal

It’s not like it was their fault. It could have happened to anyone but now our dear Evergreen has to fork over up to $1 Billion in compensation for blocking the Suez Canal for so long. The huge ship named Ever Given captured the attention of the world and the heart of the internet. Reports said it was blocking an estimate of $9 billion of cargo from passing each day.

It took a whole week and a lot of attempts before the ship actually got free. Even the moon helped the ship but looking at the fine, it seems authorities want to ground the ship forever. The Egyptian authorities refuse to free the ship until the owners pay the compensation.

The leader of the Suez Canal Authority, Lt. Gen. Osama Rabie, said in a report that “The vessel will remain here until investigations are complete and compensation is paid.” He further added that they don’t want to hold the ship any longer than necessary, “We hope for a speedy agreement. The minute they agree to compensation, the vessel will be allowed to move.”

Vice-admiral Mahmoud Metwally clarified to the local media in Egypt that Egypt was not obligated to pay compensation for the ships that were delayed in the Suez Canal. He said that it was the responsibility of the insurance companies for paying compensations for the affected ships.

The amount requested is to cover the equipment used to dislodge the ship, the labor force that worked to help them. I agree that the Labor force should be paid but I don’t think it’s just the responsibility of the insurance companies.

I thought the ship was already home but it seems that even with the help of the moon, the Evergreen ship is still going to be stuck in the Canal for a while. $1 billion is a lot of money.

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