Ever Wondered Why We Still Don’t Have Solar-Powered Cars On The Road? This Video Answers The Question

Hybrid and electrical vehicles have taken over the automobile industry recently. The sales of these vehicles are already exceeding those of the conventional ones in several countries. They are spreading at a very high pace. However, purely electric cars are still not without the hassle of charging them.  These cars have long charging times and less driving range. Here, the question arises, why have we not built solar-powered cars yet?

Why don't we have solar-powered cars? (Video) - News7g

There are some automotive manufacturers that have been experimenting with roof-mounted solar panels lately. These models can also be ordered through them. Are these models going to trap enough energy that will be needed to power a car throughout the day? What about the costs associated? Will there be any limiting factors in terms of functionality? Watch this video to see how solar-powered cars may seem like a tempting option for today but they have their shortcomings.

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