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Ever Wondered Why We Can’t Harness Energy From Sea Waves? Here’s The Answer

Hello there, we are sure that you have been wondering about ways to harness power from natural sources. Well, sources that do not pollute the planet and are renewable. Why are we talking about renewable energy and harnessing nature’s power? That is because we are featuring an amazing video from MinuteEarth about the complications that are linked with harnessing wave energy.

The ocean is filled with waves of energy that can potentially be used for the sake of catering to all of the world’s energy needs. However, the idea is fictional only as of yet and cannot be implemented actually. Why is that? Well, that is where Minute Earth comes in with its video.

According to MinuteEarth, a famous YouTube chancel, the reason why we are unable to harness the wave energy is that we do not yet have a method for making use of waves to spin the turbines. Other than the solar energy, all of the energy is collected because of the spinning of turbines.

However, when you analyze a wave; it is simply a local oscillating motion and thus, is not able to spin a turbine. In a nutshell, this is the problem in harnessing the wave energy. Furthermore, it is not too easy to construct buildings in the ocean. The process is quite expensive and comes along with a plethora of problems including the constant repair work that will be needed because the building exposed to the saltwater and debris will continue to break down.

The truth is that as of now, we do not possess a cost-effective and effective way of harnessing and making use of wave energy. However, we are sure that MinuteEarth can explain it much better than us using their informative and creative drawings. Check out the video below and let us know what you think of it!