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Ever Wondered Why There Is A Tiny Hole At End Of A Pen Cap? It Is There For An Important Reason

Bic pen cap holes2

So, you have probably seen holes on pen caps and inferred that they are nothing but for some weird industrial design reason. Well, the truth is far from that because initially, pen caps didn’t have these kinds of holes and something happened that made Bic, the premier pen company rethink the design and introduce these holes. It was the numerous report of people choking to death after swallowing a piece from the top of the pen cap. Now what inspired them to do this act of madness? Well, I am sure there are people in every office and class that indulge in excessive chewing of their pen caps and so much that the poor things end up looking something like this:

So, Big Pen got to work and designed a new cap with holes so that even when swallowed and stuck in the air passage, they could provide necessary space for some air to pass through it. So, with this smart thinking, the excessive chewer can still remain alive AND learn the lesson of not chewing on anybody’s pen. So, hats and pen caps off for your Bic!