10 Design Features On Everyday Items That You Never Knew Had A Purpose


Nothing in this world is without a purpose; even the most mundane and seemingly insignificant things! Today we are going to cover ten everyday items that have features you never really thought about. Hold on to your seats as this is going to blow your mind!

1. Bottle indents:


You might have noticed the huge indents under glass bottles, but they are not simply to add style or support. Instead, they help distribute pressure evenly when the bottle is being corked, which is why champagne bottles have the deepest indents.

2. iPhone hole:


The tiny little iPhone hole isn’t there to save money or the result of a manufacturing error. It, in fact, is a microphone placed right in the middle of the lens and the flash. It is one of three microphones and allows multi-directional reception of audio coming from different directions.

3. Charger Hooks:


The hooks on the Apple chargers are actually made to help to wind up the cable easily and avoid the messy jumble. Wish there was one for the dreaded headphones.

4. Bobby pins:


Surely you know everything about something as simple as a bobby pin! Apparently not, as it turns out that the crinkled side is supposed to go to the bottom, and helps keep the pin in its place.

5.  Pen Cap:


Pen caps designs were changed when they became a serious choking hazard for children. The tiny hole at the top is made to allow the passage of air if someone swallows them and they get stuck in the air passageway.

6. Keyboard Secrets:


The small bumps on the F and J keys on a keyboard are made to help you find the home keys. In fact, pro typists are required to keep their index fingers on these keys at all times to clock fast typing speeds.

7.  Caps:


You might have not even noticed them, but there’s a little piece of plastic inside a soda bottle caps which helps keep the liquid and carbonation inside. Remove it and your bottle becomes utterly useless!

8. Gauges:


The arrow beside the gas gauge indicates which side the of the car is your tank cap lies.

9. Toblerone:


You might just take a wholesome bite at it, but there’s a more civilized way of gnawing the sugary delight. Along with the purpose of continuing the trademark design, Toblerone chocolate bars are separated into triangular portions so that you can easily break them off like in the gif above.

10. Chinese Takeout Containers:


Besides being an eco-friendly way to store the food, the Chinese takeout containers can also be unfolded and made into a very nifty dinner plate.

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