Ever Wondered Why Bus Seats Have These Hideous Patterns On Them? Mystery Solved!

Patterned public transport seats3

Whenever I have the misfortune of stumbling into a particularly vintage public transport bus (or rather even a recent one), I feel glum the moment I step inside. The prime reasons being the unkempt interior and those gross patterns on these seats. Wherever I go, I have always seen these stupid patterns. I never knew that they were actually meant for a purpose. A singular nasty one.

Patterned public transport seats2

You must have seen some beautiful patterned carpets in one of the older government buildings. Only when you put your foot roughly down that clouds of dust arrive from the inside of the rug. It seems the dirt had been allowed to settle there for decades. You immediately recount the old saying “All that glitters is not gold” and hurry away from the irritating particles.

Patterned public transport seats

Believe it or not, the patterns on the seats of the buses are meant for exactly the same thing. What may appear as a relatively cleaner seats also store huge quantities of dirt and filth?

Don’t believe me? Watch this video and see for yourself!

You probably won’t want to travel in public us again. But then again, this type of embedded dust is expected from furniture that gets exposed a lot. If it isn’t hidden, nobody would think of sitting inside a bus ever again! These grim designers had the last laugh at us!



  1. justi Reply

    i don’t care, they will be dirty anyway. i love these vivid colours!

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