Ever Wondered What Is The Purpose Of Those REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT Tags? Mystery Solved

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Ever wondered why there are so many “Remove Before Flight” tags on a parked aircraft? I mean, why put them in the first place if they HAVE to be removed before flying the thing? As it turned out, they are pivotal to a plane’s health!

As explained by a YouTuber going by the name of Captain Joe, these tags are used to cover parts that are prone to damage or deterioration when the plane is not in action. For example, the Pitot tube, which is used to measure velocity in a plane, is an L-shaped open tube. Now, if it remains unused, it is a perfect place for the bees and flies to make their home. And even an extended idle state can lead to dust build up, leading to inaccurate readings.

Same is the case with other holes and turbines etc. Birds take the turbines as the perfect place to make their nests, while other holes can also be build up which can cause engine failures and even fatal accidents.

So these tags are attached to help the pilot in the pre-assessment of the plane’s health before it takes off.


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  1. EDWARD BEST Reply

    There are also “Remove Before Flight” safety pins (with tags for visibility) to prevent collapse of landing gear or inadvertent firing of weapons, chaff or flares while on the ground. They render the aircraft “safe for maintenance.”

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