Ever Wondered What Is The Difference Between C And CE Buttons On Your Calculator? Mystery Solved


We have all seen both of these buttons on calculators and instead of finding out what actually to do with them, we tend to press one or both of them whenever we need to erase anything and keep pressing it until all is wiped out. Surely, the inventors of calculator have placed both of them for different reasons in such close proximity but we have probably never cared at all. Anyway, here is what is the difference in between their operations:

calculator C and CE

While both of them are buttons for erasing data, CE is different from C, because in this one, only the most recent addition of data is wiped from the memory. C on the other hand, wipes away all memory input into the calculator. Sort of like a reset button.

Now both of these buttons had been incorporated in calculators for a long time ever since calculators first came out in 1961 with Anita MK VII and Anita MK VIII. All of the earlier models of calculators had them and they continue to be on both electronic calculators and even calculator apps. Amazing, isn’t it?


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