Ever Wondered What Happens If You Throw Bullets Into Molten Aluminium? Mystery Solved


The Backyard Scientist has a great penchant for dangerous ideas. He has repeatedly expressed his preference for experimenting with molten aluminum. However, this time, he might have taken his love for explosions just a bit too far.

Watch this video where he tries to explore the answer to the crazy question: what happens if the bullets are thrown into molten aluminum?



The YouTuber flung 15 bullets into a bowl of molten aluminum, of which only 3 made it into the bowl. The resulting explosive mass makes one wonder what would have happened if all of the 15 bullets had been dropped into the bowl.

The slow motion reveals that the bullets jumps right out of the bowl and are blown into pieces, after hitting the molten metal.

If you think that this experiment is not crazy enough, watch this guy hit dynamite with a sledgehammer:

What Happens If You Throw Bullets Into Molten Aluminum_image 1

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