Ever Wondered How A Demagnetizer Works? This Is The Science Behind It

Magnets are not a new material to be brought into the world. They have been used for a myriad of reasons in multiple ways since a long time ago. Today, they are used in different electronics and machines with variable sizes. They can be as big as a truck or as little as a tiny chip in the computer. They have a diverse range of applications and bring crucial innovation in the functionalities of the machines.

Magnets can be of different types. They are permanent and non-permanent. The size can be tiny or enormous. They have a wide base of users. Let it be in households, industries, factories, or regular errands, magnets are widely used. It is also known by almost everyone that magnets can transfer their ability to attract or repel to other materials as well. This property can be retained by them as well.

There is also a tool called demagnetizer. They are also known as degaussers. The reason why these tools are used is to eradicate any magnetic field in an area where it can create problems or interruptions. Sometimes, they can even add a magnetic field to a ferromagnetic part, temporarily. Using these methods, a simple screwdriver can be changed into a magnetic screwdriver. Later, the same tool can be demagnetized as well.

The following video gives a detailed explanation and description of the mechanisms in demagnetizers.

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