Ever Seen A Private Jet Approaching An Aircraft Carrier? Amazing Footage Shows Exactly That

The full backdrop of how Top-Gun: Maverick was developed is still unraveling, despite many audiences being aware of the concept. Aerial sequences abound in the film, including this brilliantly surreal footage of an Embraer Phenom private plane conducting an approach to the USS Theodore Roosevelt, a US Navy supercarrier (CVN-71).

The exclusive footage, which was first uploaded on Instagram by Maverick’s Aerial Coordinator, Kevin LaRosa, illustrates how some of the film’s overhead shots were captured. Hand-held camera footage from an Embracer Phenom 300E light jet’s cockpit clearly shows how the filming of aircraft hovering over the aircraft carrier was caught for the movie.

Co-captain Jonathan Spano and camera operators Michael FitzMaurice and David Nowell accompanied LaRosa during the flight. Moreover, LaRosa credited BrianFerguson, the Navy’s technical advisor on the film, who helped make the sequence possible.

As made evident by the’meatball’ in the video on the first pass, the tiny Phenom may be a little low on glideslope when it crossed the ship’s fantail. The surprisingly small Phenom blasting across the landing area above three Super Hornets may be seen in this shot from the carrier’s island. The second attempt played a lot better, as it was perfect for recreating a fighter’s perspective for moviegoers to appreciate truly.

The Phenom 300E was deemed more helpful in shooting lengthier scenes than the L-39 Cinejet, employed to capture high-octane dog fight scenes.

“I flew the Phenom extensively on the movie, and the platform excelled when we needed extended time on station or the reliability and added safety of two engines for over-water operations,” LaRosa stated.

“It [the aircraft] was also unique in that the Phenom carried two F1 camera gimbals from @team5aerials, allowing us to fly two entirely different lens options on the same flight.”

“The Phenom was useful on set because it gave us longer sortie times. The Phenom carried more fuel and was able to stay on station longer. The back of the aircraft was configured with two operating stations [for filming],” he added.

The efforts made by the production staff and pilots entrusted with shooting the film’s magnificent aerial images are shown in this BTS. The film’s crew had as much fun making it as the audience did seeing it in theatres.

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