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Ever Gone To A Nightclub That’s Inside A Bus? Well Here It Is

Welcome to the party, folks. This one is a unique party because it is hosted inside a bus. A bus, you read that right. At St. Petersburg, the most thrilling party is being carried out in Barbus Maxi. Maxi was an old Ikarus 280 vehicle that has been transformed into a party-bus by Russian entrepreneurs.

The Barbus Maxi has a dance floor, fully stocked bar, toilet and even a lounge. When the Russian entrepreneurs came up with the idea of transforming a regular bus into a nightclub, they took the bus apart and left the frame intact. The next phase was about working with the exterior and covering it with a film of white and black images of pin-up models and landscapes of urban London and New York. The interior has been decorated matching a pop-art theme.

The interior space was limited, for obvious reasons, but the entrepreneurs managed to work with the limited space that they had and still pulled off the seemingly impossible task of inducting the elements of a conventional nightclub. The bus has professional lighting, TVs, leather sofas that have high backs, smoke machine, AC and a mirrored ceiling. The walls are adorned with vintage wall phones and the bus even has a complete DJ mixer. The entrepreneurs have, in fact, made use of the limited space quite smartly and one can even find two huge refrigerators containing drinks, located in a carved oak sideboard inside a wooden chest.

The Barbus Maxi can be seen moving around St. Petersburg at night where it picks up riders and entertains them until their next stop. Check out the youtube video below for more details: