Europe Wants USB-C On All Phones – But What Is Apple Going To Do About It?

It looks like Europe decided it was high time to change the policy regarding USB-C ports so it made USB-C mandatory on all devices including iPhones. And of course, Apple wasn’t happy with this decision…

The European Commission (EC) put forward a proposal to synchronize all charging ports and fast charging technology by requiring USB-C ports to become available on all electronic devices that are sold within the European Union. This applies to all smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, portable speakers and even hand-held video game consoles.

It seems like Android wouldn’t have any problems with the new proposal as the majority of Android devices are either already using USB-C or intend to make the switch as soon as possible from the older micro USB port. Meanwhile, Apple on the other hand is not at all happy with this decision since now they would need to change the Lightning port on all of their devices. Talk about a major headache…

But looks like there is a way Apple could avoid the trouble of changing the port type on their devices. According to the new proposal, the mandatory use of a USB-C port is only required if a device only charges using a cable. For devices that can be charged wirelessly, there’s no clause that states that they would be breaking any rules by not offering a USB-C port so this is the loophole that Apple might be searching for.

The revised Radio Equipment Directive will be adopted by the European Parliament and the Council. After its conclusion, there would be a transition period of 24 months to allow the industry to comply with the changes. Looks like Apple has at least two years to either change the Lightning port to USB-C type or make their devices port-free and completely reliant on wireless charging. Whatever path the big IT company decides to take, it could have a big impact on all their devices.

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