Environmentally Friendly Solutions To Fight Carbon Emissions


The earth’s temperature was 0.86 degrees Celsius in 2022, according to NCEI. As a result, 2022 was the warmest year since the twentieth century. This ongoing warming has resulted in a series of natural disasters worldwide. The most recent of which were earthquakes in Syria and Turkey.

How can we reduce the effects of global warming? This article provides six environmental solutions to fight carbon emissions.

Opt for electric vehicles

Electric cars first appeared in 1832. In recent years, with the growing concerns about emissions, these vehicles are now in circulation. This is because these cars do not use fuel and do not emit carbon into the environment.

They are also very inexpensive to maintain, as they only need charging when the battery runs low. This means that you are not only saving money but also helping to reduce emissions.

Countries such as Norway, Netherlands, France, and the United Kingdom have adopted the use of these cars to help reduce emissions.

Reduce your travel time

You can reduce your travel time by using fewer cars, trains, planes, and other forms of transportation. It is important because transportation accounts for one-fifth of global carbon emissions.

Working from home, cycling to work, and purchasing groceries from nearby stores are all ways to reduce your emissions. Some cities recommend using public transport instead of owning cars.

Make use of wind energy 

Using clean energy sources, such as wind power, has several environmental benefits. The wind is always present because it is all around us, and as such, it is accessible. It is infinite and emits no carbon into the atmosphere.

Wind power generates electricity to pump water and propel cargo ships. As a result, wind energy is an excellent way to reduce carbon footprint.

Use water-powered electronics

Water power, also known as hydroelectricity, involves using water to generate electricity. In 1878, this alternative energy source powered a lamp for the first time. 

They power electrical lighting systems and small appliances. There are also water-powered generators that emit no emissions. Currently, China, Norway, and Brazil have all embraced this alternative energy source. 

Use solar energy

Solar energy is energy from the sun. This type of energy is clean and requires little to no maintenance. It also produces no emissions and thus does not pollute the environment. Solar energy powers refrigerators, freezers, televisions, fans, and automobiles.

Reuse plastic

Plastic is one of the biggest environmental pollutants. According to the United Nations Environmental Program, over 380 metric tons of plastic are produced each year.

Thus, it is important that you cut back on or stop using plastic altogether. This is important as your reduced use of plastic will lower emission levels. Also, instead of buying new plastic bottles, you could reuse old ones. Finally, you should use environmentally friendly products with no phosphate. This is significant because phosphate promotes algae growth in bodies of water. As a result, it reduces the amount of oxygen in the water. There are other ways, such as the Greenly greenhouse protocol, which addresses carbon accounting. Learn more about Greenly’s mission here.


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