Envilope Is The World’s First Blockchain-Based Postal Service

The world’s first blockchain-based postal service named Envilope has just been launched. Mark Allardyce, the CEO, is of the belief that personal data and internet security is not safe. He believes that blockchain is going to play a vital role in the field of security.

He ensured the investors that there is nothing to worry about and said,  Legal, financial, insurance, telecom, healthcare, government agencies and others are already interested in us. We estimate a 100+ million audience among consumers for Envilope and a large, growing market in the B2B sector as well.”

(Source: Medium)

He wishes to create a platform where email security is of the highest order and it is completely safe to send confidential emails without any risk of leaking. It is basically transforming the mailing system currently prevalent and adding blockchain technology to it.

Adding the encryption technology to the mailing system will make all the files hundred times safer than they currently are. The recipient will only be able to view the email after two-factor verification through Envilope. Everything from the number of times the email is opened, viewed, and the use of the content will be tracked by the Etherium Blockchain Technology, called Blockspamming.

(Source: Mfidie)

Most of the companies are becoming internet based, especially in the field of telecom, healthcare, digital finance and the likes. Security is of paramount importance to these companies.  This means there is already a market for Envilope. We will have to wait and see how they warm up to it.

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