YouTube Enthusiast Makes A Triple-Turbine Motor That Runs On Water

If you some spare time on your hands and a couple of dental drills lying around, here is what you can do. You can follow this YouTube enthusiast JohhnyQ90 and replicate the triple-turbine motor he made right at home. What makes it special is that it fits in the palm of his hand. Now you would think it would be a small thing running at slow speeds but it has the ability to go a little north of 11,000 rpm at 35 psi. That is no small feat. You can see it working in the video below:

Johhny has a knack for making microturbine engines among other things and he does so with a high level of patience using materials that are very simple to find. His inventions also show his technical skills. You can watch the video below which shows the skill and accuracy required for the project and how he went about accomplishing it.

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