Enjoy BBQ On Your Bicycle With The Knister Grill

The whole point of a picnic is to enjoy the great outdoors. Traveling to the picnic spot in a car works but that kills the point. The best way is to bike there. Now, imagine wanting to take your barbeque with you. Towing it behind your bike hardly seems practical. That is the thought behind the Knister Grill which is compact enough to be mounted on the handlebar of your bike.

Carolin Kunert, a German entrepreneur created the Knister Grill and it has the ability to attach to any type of bars using a non-permanent size-adjustable steel bracket. The grill and anything else inside it like coal utensils come off the bike once you reach your destination.

(Source: New Atlas)

The grill can be carried in basket-style by the steel carrying handles. These handles fold down to become the legs of the grill when it is time for cooking. The Knister Grill can be used in this very state or two sliding halves of its body can be pulled apart from one another to double its length, depending on the amount of food to be cooked.

It then functions as a regular grill and once the picnic comes to an end and the spent coal is disposed of, it takes only four minutes to cool down to a temperature where it is safe to transport. The stacked grill racks are dishwater-safe and interlock together to keep any residual coal dust from blowing into the user’s face while they’re riding back.

(Source: New Atlas)

The grill is currently a Kickstarter campaign and you can get your hands on one if they reach production by a pledge of $117. A non-extendible model is also available which you can get for a pledge of $81. You can take a look at the promo video below:

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