Engineer Guy Got Divorced. What He Did To All The Household Items Will Leave You Shocked

German guy crazy divorce2

Engineers are people with awkward social dispositions, so if you want to make it happen with an engineer, you need to be careful in the whole relationship. Because when we are infuriated, we are very destructive minded. Plus if your other half is a German too, it will just be a ticking time bomb if you were to upset him/her in any way. Take this man for example who is from Germany. He was ordered by the divorce judge to split his things evenly between his ex-wife. Angered because of the unfair verdict, he donned his overall and sat down to divide it in two exactly even halves.

German guy crazy divorce

And by exactly, we mean completely proportional! Around all three Cartesian axises!

He split his laptop.

German guy crazy divorce2


German guy crazy divorce3


German guy crazy divorce4

Cordless phone.

German guy crazy divorce5


German guy crazy divorce6


German guy crazy divorce7


German guy crazy divorce8


German guy crazy divorce9

And his frigging CAR!!

German guy crazy divorce10

Before you jump to any conclusions and say Photoshop, take a look at this video from the estranged lover:

And now he is selling his half on eBay and wants a lot of cash in return for his destroyed stuff. Well, it’s not his fault he’s gone overboard you know! On our side, we have to appreciate the crafty madness within him. We can hope that everyone move on if they aren’t meant to be together, but some cases are just nuts! The phrase needs a little tailoring too. Hell hath no fury like a German’s scorn!!

Before the lot of you fight over his actions, let me break the truth to you. It is no real life deal. It is just a marketing stunt by a law firm in Germany who gives counsel to married citizens and helps avoid disasters like these from happening. Everyone should live a happy married life, and we were just having some fun over here. The halved items from the teddy bear to the car are still up for sale. If you are crazy enough to care for any of these, it is for a good cause as the proceeds will go to charity.


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