Engineer from New Zealand Makes The Perfect Man-Cave

engineer's man cave10

No matter how advanced our architecture and building technology can become, we are all cavemen at heart and we would absolutely love to have one some day in the future. This polymer engineer from New Zealand had an idea to build himself one. It took him three years to achieve that and the high-tech overlooking home has been named “Skysphere”.

The tech-savvy cave combines the yearnings of old with a touch of modernity. In a field ringed by trees, the house is provided security from the standard cavemen predators like T-rexes and Sabre-tooth tigers with the help of a self-made app based on Android. He jokingly says that he has tried to maintain the originality of the design, but somehow it got lost in between all the activity. The area is surrounded by windmills so maybe he got the eye-catching design from there?

Here are some of the interesting photos from the enthusiastic builder:

It Looks like a downsized version of the Jetsons’ home.

engineer's man cave10

The skeleton of the tower. It clocked more than 3,000 hours of his time to get it all in place.

engineer's man cave9

He did most of his designing in his spare time on 3-D modeling software.

engineer's man cave8

The solar panels on the roof of the Skysphere. It runs entirely on these panels. It is enough to power his weekend getaways completely.

engineer's man cave7

The Android app in the discussion can control his lighting and security systems from his phone. It must have taken a lot of his time to build that.

engineer's man cave5

The LED lighting can be adjusted via voice commands.

engineer's man cave6

The night view of the Skysphere is simply wondrous.

engineer's man cave4

The soda cooler right beside his couch completes his urban paradise. It can hold 12 cans. Enough to last an entire weekend.

engineer's man cave3

It even has a cupholder that can be accessed when the cooler isn’t open.

engineer's man cave2

A bed can comfortably be placed here. It’s my ultimate man cave for a weekend full of lethargy and thinking about origins of life.

engineer's man cave

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