Engineer Designs A Robotic Monkey That Can Deliver Packages In Dense Jungles

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Kaan Yaylali, an Industrial Designer from Savannah, has designed a futuristic biomimetic chimpanzee-robot, christened Roko.

The design of Roko has been inspired by the monkeys. The robot can deliver small packages to the dense and remote forest regions.  The robotic chimpanzee aims to operate autonomously. It utilizes various sensors including the sonar sensor to detect its surroundings and navigate its way through a dense forest region populated by trees to reach its destination.

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The robot uses a short-distance navigation system to find its way through the fauna while a long-range navigation system employing GPS ensures that it reaches the final coordinates successfully. Roko is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

The robotic chimpanzee swings from one branch to the other using its extendable hands that end in a hook-like grip. The limbs are made to move by the rotation of the servomotors. All a user needs is to enter the coordinates for the final destination and the delivery bot will find the safest, yet the shortest, path to it.


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Image Source: Imagine Active


The short-distance navigation system utilizes sonars to ascertain the next target that Roko can grip using its hooked hands. The onboard micro-computational system will enable the robot to accurately estimate its next move via the real-time calculations. Roko comes equipped with an IR camera and night vision to detect the presence of humans and animals, and plan its path accordingly.

Roko can either carry the packages on its back or hold them in its feet. The robot can receive and thus, respond to the voice commands. For this feature, Roko utilizes the speech-to-action technology developed by the Fluent.AI. The robotic chimpanzee can learn from its interaction with the other chimpanzees to make its movements more natural.


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Rook will provide access to those remote areas of the Earth that have thus far been classified as inaccessible due to the thick tree curtain which cuts them off from the civilization. In these areas, getting camp supplies can turn out to be impossible. Rook can help to deliver packages in these thick forests or help in the rescue missions as well.
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