This Ingenious Engine Works With Both Gasoline And Diesel. Here’s How It Works


Engineering Explained is back with another informational video in which Jason Fenske is explaining all about Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition (RCCI). This is a super efficient engine which makes use of two types of fuels with a very high reactivity (Gasoline) and the other one with a low reactivity (diesel).

Fenske says in the video that, “engine benefits from the individual advantages of each fuel, resulting in exceptional efficiency and significantly less harmful emissions.” Thermal efficiencies which are as high as about 60% have been found during the lab testing of an RCCI engine. These are very efficient stats for a combustion engine. Usually, the most efficient gasoline engines achieve nearly 42-43% thermal efficiency while diesel engines can attain almost 50% efficiency.

Engines have many advantages which relate to efficiency and massive reductions in emissions, however, a dual fuel system is not practical at all for a consumer vehicle. Currently, RCCI is a development engine and is still under work. Most research done on these engines comes from the University of Wisconsin. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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